Backup & Disaster Recovery

Protecting what matters most

Your confidential data is the foundation for success in your business. Without it, your company could come to a grinding halt and risk losing its competitive edge in today’s fast-paced work environment. But that’s only the case if you leave your data unprotected, so the real question is: are you willing to risk what you’ve worked so hard for?

If not, you’ve come to the right place. Backup & Disaster Recovery solutions from Place One mean you’ll always have access to your critical data and that it’s protected with multi-layer proofing.

Benefits of Backup & Disaster Recovery solutions from Place One include:

  • Ultimate data accessibility whenever you need it
  • Multi-tier data protection and off-site data storage to ensure access no matter what
  • Scalable protection through compression, duplication and active block mapping
  • Fast recovery within minutes, not hours, to get you back up and running with minimal impact
  • User-friendly web-based management with minimal maintenance
  • Fast implementation with easy setup and configuration wizards
  • Lower energy consumption by getting rid of server rooms

With Place One’s Backup & Disaster Recovery solutions, you can enjoy complete peace of mind knowing your data remains available and secure at all costs. Don’t wait to protect what matters most.

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