Network Security

Proactive network protection

Protecting both your business’s and clients’ data is essential to the success of your company. But establishing and managing a robust and secure network can be complex and time consuming. That’s where Network Security from Place One comes in.

Network Security from Place One means you can enjoy secure, flexible and intelligent IT and network security solutions to protect and combat against online threats like never before.

Benefits of our Network Security solutions include:

  • Identification of network threats and risks before they affect your infrastructure
  • Technicians’ expertise to help anticipate and prevent attacks
  • Complete scalability that aligns with your business
  • Stabilized network infrastructure so you can seamlessly run your business
  • Tools for compliance to avoid costly fines
  • Remote access to ensure protection around the clock
  • Safe user access with authentication setups
  • Lowered IT costs by handling threats before they disrupt your network

We have years of experience providing end-to-end security solutions to organizations of all sizes. Our security specialists take the time to understand your network’s strengths and weaknesses in order to provide solutions that align with your business goals. We offer proactive network protection just as it should be.

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