Document Management Solutions

Say goodbye to finding the needle in the haystack

Wouldn’t it be great if your documents and files were secure and stored in one place for ease of access? With Place One’s Document Management Solutions, you can ensure exactly that and more. We provide configurable security profiles to enhance control of access to your critical documents without compromising on accessibility.

With the right permissions to access business-critical documents, you can browse for files easily with a powerful search function that allows you to locate what you need within seconds.

Benefits of Document Management Solutions from Place One include:

  • Easy retrieval of critical documents
  • Enhanced protection through encrypted documents with different levels of security
  • Secure backups that are stored in an off-site data center making sure nothing gets lost
  • Simplified file sharing with permission access for easy document revision
  • Eliminating paper based processes, meaning lower costs and eco-friendliness

Aren’t you sick of wasting time locating critical files while you could be taking care of more important tasks? Let our Document Management Solutions lift the burden off your shoulders.

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