Superstar Advice

Strategic IT consulting meets innovative technology

As a small business, it simply isn’t enough to have technologies present, more importantly you need to make sure that those technologies are aligned with your business goals and that they will give your company a boost in efficiency and productivity. If that’s not currently the case, with Place One as your partner we promise it will be.

At Place One, we’re comprised of a selective team of IT experts with years of experience and a true passion for technology. We take the time to understand your business, your strengths and weaknesses, and your goals as we design strategic technology solutions that meet every aspect of your specific needs.

Benefits of Superstar Advice from Place One include:

  • Vendor-agnostic solutions - based on best practices to ensure optimal IT performance
  • Technology and business acumen - a unique mix often missing from other providers but that is imperative in designing customized solutions
  • Full IT services - including planning, procurement, implementation, and ongoing management
  • Seamless support - we’re there for you 24/7; no excuses, no exceptions

With Superstar Advice from Place One, you can rest assured knowing that we utilize all that we can to provide you with the technology boost you deserve. Let us help you realize the power that technology can bring to your business.

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