Cloud Computing

Collaboration and efficiency elevated like never before

It’s no surprise that many businesses are making their transition to the cloud — it lets you enjoy easy access to applications and allows you to collaborate using the Internet and intranet in your office to make doing business more efficient.

With Cloud Computing from Place One, your employees can easily collaborate like never before by sharing, editing, and publishing documents in a real-time unified system.
Boost data accessibility, email communication and marketing abilities with anytime, anywhere access for maximum productivity.

Cloud Computing from Place One empowers your business with:

  • Flexibility via bandwidth utilization
  • Automatic software and security updates
  • Increased data accessibility with anytime, anywhere access
  • Enhanced collaboration by allowing multiple employees to work in real-time on a document
  • Improved productivity through ease of collaboration and faster workflow
  • Environmental friendly solutions which could result in at least 30% less energy consumption
  • 24/7 support; no excuses, no exceptions

Are you ready to reap the benefits and make your move to the cloud? We can ensure the seamless transition that you deserve.

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